Schwarzenegger calls LaLanne ‘most energetic...

Schwarzenegger calls LaLanne ‘most energetic man in the room’

Jack LaLanne

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement on the passing of Jack LaLanne:

“Maria and I were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Jack LaLanne. Jack was an apostle for fitness, and his gospel-inspired billions all over the world to live healthier lives.

“From the moment I met Jack on Venice Beach in 1968, I knew I’d never meet someone with so much energy – to keep himself in the best shape imaginable, but also to motivate everyone around him to get moving, eat well, and be the best version of themselves. He was on a mission to make a healthier world, and he would not be content until he had touched every person he could. He did just that, through his fantastic television shows, his innovative products, and his contagious spirit. He was so adamant about fitness that it was never about just himself and being the fittest man in the world, it was always about how he could make everyone else join him. In fact, I am sure I am not alone in still using my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer every day.

“Above all else, Jack was a man of action. When asked to work on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, he dove into action. When he wanted to find a way to get people eating more fruits and vegetables, he just invented an easier way to put 12 carrots into one cup of juice. When you asked him to research food supplements, he started pouring over the science that very second. When I called on him to work on my Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, it did not matter how old he was, and he showed up for duty right away. Whenever I or anyone else needed any help to promote fitness he was there. I remember one time I was on a plane with him – he was 92 at the time – and he said: “I am so stiff, I have got to stretch my hamstrings.” Moreover, he reached his legs right up to the ceiling of the plane. He was 92! Right away, I thought, ‘Jack is not just stretching, he is inspiring the rest of us.’ Believe me, and I did not miss a set in my workout that evening. Moreover, that is what he did for the entire world throughout all of his 96 years.

“Now Jack, for so long the most energetic man in the room, can finally rest, knowing that he left the world a better and fitter place than he found it. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack’s wife Elaine and his entire family during this difficult time.”

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